What are flies anyway?

Flies are everywhere here in Texas. Our warm weather allows them to breed year round and since a common house fly can lay 2,000 eggs a month, you can see how the problem can get out of hand quickly. In fact, a single garbage can is able to produce up to 1,000 flies a week. 

On a scientific note, flies belong to the order Diptera which means two wings. However, flies only have one pair of wings (with two wings) whereas most other insects have two pairs (four wings). The most common flies in the Houston, Dallas, and Forth Worth areas are house flies and fruit flies.

close up image of a common house fly

House Fly

The house fly (musca domestica) is the most common type of fly and one that we’re all familiar with. These are the flies that interrupt our backyard BBQ’s and picnics with their intrusive behavior. They’re a dark grey color that often looks black and they can grow as large as 7.5 mm long. They have compound eyes made up of many smaller lenses and four stripes on their thorax. They like to eat human food and they’re known to transmit pathogens which can make humans very sick.

Fruit Fly

Fruit flies (drosophila melanogaster) are, as the name suggests, attracted to fruit. They’re also commonly found in bowls of fruit and vegetables, in stores on the shelves, gardens, drains, trash cans, garbage disposals, and empty beer cans. They can grow up to 4 mm in length and can be recognized by the spiracles on their abdomen. They can transmit harmful bacteria to food sources so you should have them exterminated as well as sign up for a pest maintenance plan to keep them away.

Are Flies Actually Dangerous? 

House flies and fruit flies in and of themselves don’t bite or sting which makes it seem like they’re harmless. However, the danger they do present is with their ability to transmit harmful bacteria and pathogens to human food sources. Flies like to feed on feces, rotting meat, trash, and they hang around some pretty gross areas in general. They pick up bacteria and pathogens in these areas and then land on your cheese burger which transfers the bacteria. They can spread diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, chlorella, tapeworms and several other harmful bacteria/diseases that you don’t want. 

Why Do I Have Flies? 

Flies need sources of food and water to survive. House flies are attracted to vegetable gardens where they can feed on rotting vegetables, trash bins, feces, and fermenting liquids to name a few. Once they find a food source like this, they’ll lay eggs and expand their infestation until they are either treated or there’s a spell of cold weather that forces them into a form of hibernation. They often make their way into your home through doors, windows, cracks, etc. and then find your kitchen where there’s more food for them to eat. Fruit flies are also attracted to gardens and are often picked up on fruits and vegetables that have been purchased at the store. 

Where Will I Find Flies & What Are The Signs?

Flies aren’t usually hard to find. Outside of your house, you’ll find them near gardens, wood piles, feces, and garbage cans. Anywhere that there’s a potential food source, you’ll find flies. In your home you’ll find them in the kitchen and often by the windows trying to get back outside. Fruit flies will most often be found near fruit and vegetable gardens outside. Indoors, you’ll find them by your produce. They can become a big problem for grocery stores and restaurants that have large amounts of fruits and vegetables. 

How To Get Rid Of Flies

Like most pests, flies can be hard to eliminate on your own. The best way to take care of the problem and make sure it doesn’t return is to partner with a professional pest control company like Big Dave’s. We have affordable year round maintenance packages for general pest control that keep all seasonal pests away throughout the year. This means you’ll never deal with flies, spiders, cockroaches, rodents, fleas, ticks, etc. And we guarantee our services so if there’s ever a problem, just call us up and we’ll send a professional pest technician over at no additional cost. Give us a call now to get started. 

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