If you’re noticing pests around your house or in the garage, it might be time to call in the professionals. Even if you don’t think you have a pest problem, it’s still a good idea to get an inspection and at least a quick one-time treatment done. And you probably already knew that which is why you’re looking up how pest control works. 

Here’s a breakdown of the process from start to finish…


You’ve already called us to schedule the appointment. Your pest technician will show up on-time, in uniform and introduce themself to you. You should feel comfortable with the exterminator and now is a great time to ask questions.


dead cockroach with a red circle arount it

Directly following the introduction, your extermination technician will need to perform an inspection and look for signs of pests or infestations. He or she may ask you if you’ve noticed anything and have you point out the areas to them. Your tech may need to move around both inside and outside depending on what pest is causing problems for you. Rodents for example may require your technician to look in the attic and/or basement for signs of nesting. They’ll also walk around your home to perform a perimeter check and check for moist areas in and around your home. Moist areas are more likely to attract pests.  


At the end of the inspection, your tech will give you a report on any findings as well as recommendations for preventing pests now and in the future. If they have noticed any obvious or potential entry points, things that need to be sealed up, potential food and water sources, or anything else that would encourage pests, they’ll let you know about them and provide recommendations on fixing them. 

Performing The Service 

pest control tech spraying under cabinets in kitchen

Assuming you need extermination or you want preventative pest control, your technician will then spray your home. At Big Dave’s Baytown, TX pest control, we offer both traditional and green pest control options that are child and pet friendly. If you’re dealing with general pests, your technician will spray around your house and may spray inside as well to set up barriers and kill existing pests. 

If you’re dealing with a specific pest such as termites, bed bugs, or rodents, then other measures will be taken based on the pest and severity of infestation. 

Follow Up

Your technician will recommend steps you can take to discourage pests from coming back to your home or commercial location. But they’re also going to recommend you get on a scheduled pest management plan for year-round protection. If you’ve had pests once you’re highly likely to get them again unless your home is protected.

The good news is that, on a per visit basis, it’s actually much more affordable than a single service so it’s worth considering.