Integrated Pest Management

A New & Better Approach To Texas Pest Control

Integrated pest management (IPM) is used for all kinds of pests in wild, agricultural, or urban settings. It generally consists of biological control, habitat manipulation, and modifying cultural practices— we only use pesticides when necessary. Using IPM, you can prevent over-spraying and minimize the damage to your surroundings. Furthermore, the biological component of IPM utilizes natural predators that kill or eat pests on a daily basis when possible.

At Big Dave’s, we’ve been providing guaranteed pest management solutions for more than 30 years. We practice IPM to contribute to a healthier environment and for you and your family’s safety. If you have any pest management needs, give us a call today for a free, instant quote. Our reliable, licensed experts use the most advanced, effective pest control treatments— and are at the forefront of pest management solutions.

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What Is IPM?

A well-executed integrated pest management program effectively wards off pests but has minimal impact on the environment— it’s not just a single method. This approach is composed of a series of assessments, controls, decisions, and focuses on long-term strategies instead of just spraying the area with pesticides.

The IPM approach doesn’t kill helpful insects and predators— and is highly beneficial for creatures like birds and bees. Integrated pest management is a smarter, more targeted approach you can use to get rid of unwanted guests. Moreover, IPM is good for everyone since it prevents pesticides from seeping into the groundwater.

How Is IPM Done?

Integrated pest management uses four methods to manage pests more effectively— which we will discuss below. Implementing these approaches together makes them more effective, making you and your family safer and healthier. Spraying pesticides in your home is just one part of this program.

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The Four IPM Methods

ladybug eating aphids - biological pest control


In this control method, we use predators, parasites, and plants that are known to control and kill harmful pests. Our experienced team can guide and point you in the right direction— such as what plant or animal should be used.

person in red coat and jeans cleaning leaves from yard - cultural pest control ipm


Cultural control involves doing practices that minimize the ability of pests to create a home inside your property. It covers learning the fundamentals that reduce pest habitats in your home, including proper trash removal and lessening watering patterns. Our pest control specialists are here to give you advice on the right approach.

mechanical pest control method - mouse in a humane trap


The mechanical approach utilizes devices that target pests directly. An example of a mechanical approach would be a mousetrap to capture and deter rodents.

chemical pest control - technician spraying around yard


In a chemical approach, we use the minimum dose of pesticides to eliminate pest issues. Sometimes treatments will saturate the surroundings due to over-spraying— but at Big Dave’s, we only use the required amount to address your pest issues. It is a better solution for you, your family, pets, and the environment.

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