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Located in Fort Bend County, within the Sugar Land/Houston/The Woodlands metropolitan areas, Richmond is constantly under attack from pests. Termites, bed bugs, rodents, and other critters are persistently finding more ways to invade homes and businesses, causing damage to your property.

At Big Dave’s Termite & Pest Control, we have over 30 years of experience and we’re more than ready to take care of your pest control problems. Through our comprehensive pest control programs, we can guarantee long-term results that will keep your Richmond Texas property free from pests all year. To get rid of pests before they take over your home, give us a call for immediate consultation and intervention.

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Residential Pest Control Services in Richmond, TX

Pests pose a health risk to everyone at home, including your children and pets. Residential pest control is a necessary step in providing your family with a safe environment, as well as keeping your assets protected from invasive and destructive pests. Getting the help you need from a professional Richmond TX team can provide you with year-round pest protection to keep these unwanted guests at bay. Because Texas has warm temperatures throughout most of the year, it attracts pests and allows them to thrive all year. The most problematic pests in Richmond, Texas include: 

  • Mosquitos
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Bed Bugs
  • Wasps and Bees
  • Ants
  • Ticks and Fleas
  • Scorpions and Spiders
  • Rodents and other wildlife

Fortunately, we provide affordable year-round protection which includes:

  • Protection from all common pests
  • Cobweb removal
  • Sweeping overhangs
  • Removing wasp nests 
  • External rodent bait stations
  • Quarterly inspections 
  • And so much more!

Don’t wait for the pests to drive you crazy, call us now for a pest control inspection in Richmond TX and let us help you rid your home of unwanted guests.

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Commercial Pest Control Services in Richmond, TX

If you’re a business owner, and pests invade your commercial property, it won’t be long until they disturb your customers and employees, contaminate your products, damage your property and ruin your reputation. A sure-fire way to keep your Richmond Texas business protected from pests is by getting help from a professional pest control Richmond TX team. Our pest control experts are trained and experienced in treating an array of common pests in professional settings such as: 

  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses & Factories
  • Hotels and Spas
  • Business and Office Buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Property Management
  • And many more

We have the experience, team, and tools to keep pests away from your property, whether it’s a one-time treatment or affordable year-round pest control, we’ve got you covered! So don’t delay, give us a call today to get more information about how our commercial pest control services can help your business. 

Termite Control and Extermination Services Richmond

Some of the most dangerous threats to our homes and businesses are actually the ones we can’t see. Sometimes referred to as “silent invaders,” termites often arrive from underground and feast on your foundation. These insects feed on paper, books, insulation, and other things in your home, becoming a nuisance at best, but can cause structural damage at worst. Because termites can stay hidden for years before being detected, they can cause irreparable damage to your home. Our team of Richmond specialists can locate the termites and their colony to make sure that all are eliminated from your property and to protect your home from future infestations. 

There are many ways that homeowners can help prevent future termite invasion in their homes. Start with reducing soil-to-wood contact to your house and remove all wood, lumber, mulch, plants, paper, and cardboard from around the foundation. Then create a 4-inch barrier between mulch and your home, and if possible, only the concrete foundation should touch the soil, while the siding should start at least 6 inches above the soil.

Rodent Control Services in Richmond TX

Rodents can become a major issue for many reasons. First, they tend to live and thrive in dirty areas such as trash and sewers, where they can pick up bacteria that they can then take back to your home and contaminate your food sources. 

Rats and mice also carry fleas that carry many infectious diseases including the plague. Like many other pests, rats need shelter, food, and water — if you have all three of these lying around your house, then you’ll have a rodent problem. These resources can take the form of trash cans, trash piles, vegetable gardens, bird feeders, and even the food in your pantry. On the other hand, water can be supplied through standing water, leaky pipes, or some other source that can be easily accessed. 

Rodents usually make their way into your home through small holes in the wall and can use trees and bushes to gain access to the roof. Once inside, they may start nesting in the attic and use the walls to move around through your home. Alternatively, they can also gain access to your basement if there is no way for them to get to the roof. Outside of your home, you will most often find rats in garbage piles, woodpiles, in trees, under decks, and in places near water such as rivers. Mice can also be found in fields, places of dense vegetation, bird nests, and other shelters that they can find. 

To get rid of pesky rodents, it’s best to call on the pest control services of a professional Richmond TX team. Not only are we familiar with the common habitats where rodents live and thrive, but we can also remove them using holistic pest control methods that eliminate rodents for good. With decades of local experience in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston Texas, our pest control solutions are affordable and guaranteed to bring results. So, give us a call today for immediate pest control and say goodbye to those unwanted home invaders.

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Providing professional pest control service spanning over three decades, our Texas team of experts treats all kinds of pests and rodent infestations. Our guaranteed service is sure to give you lasting results, so you never have to see them in your home again, while we provide honest pricing without any hidden charges. Don’t delay, call us now for a free quote and take the first step in making your home pest-free!


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