What are they anyway?

Rodents are a particularly invasive species of mammal that encompass rats, mice, squrrels, hampsters, and many more small animals. They’re characterized by their constantly growing incisor teeth which they keep from overgrowing by gnawing. When they get in your house, they will gnaw through walls, wires, wood, and anything else they can get their teeth on. 

 Typically, the most common rodents we find and treat are rats and mice though. These can carry diseases, cause structural damage, fire hazards, and be hard to get rid of if left unchecked for too long. If you’re dealing with a rodent problem, give us a call now for a free instant quote. 

Grey house rat up close in attic

How Serious Is A Rodent Problem? 

Rats and mice can be a serious problem for a number of reasons. First, they tend to hang out in very dicey areas including in sewers and trash. In these environments they can pick up bacteria which they then bring into your home and contaminate your food sources with. Rodents can also carry fleas which can be infected with many serious diseases including the plague. In fact, this is what helped to spread the black plague in the 1300’s. 

Health issues aside, they can also breed quickly and cause damage to your home. They like to hang out in walls, attics, basements, and other areas which are mostly out of the way. Since they need to chew all day to keep their incisors from overgrowing, they’ll constantly gnaw away at the structure of your home. It’s not uncommon for them to chew through wires as well which then exposes them and creates fire hazards. If you have a rodent problem, it’s very important that you have a professional help you before it becomes an infestation. 

How Did I Get Rodents?

Like other pests, rodents need food, water, and shelter. If you have a rodent problem, then you have all three of these either at your house or very close to it. The food can be trash cans, trash piles, bird feeders, vegetable gardens, or even the food in your pantry. Water is usually supplied by leaky pipes, standing water, or some other easily accessible source nearlby.

They can make their way into your home through even the smallest holes in the wall and often use bushes and trees to gain access to your roof. Once there, they’ll begin nesting in the attic and make there way throughout the walls and the rest of your home. They may also gain access to your basement instead of the attic if there is no way for them to access the roof. They’re a year-round pest but become the biggest problem towards the late fall/winter when looking for shelter to ride out the winter months. 

Where Will I Find Rodents?

Outdoors, you’ll most often find rats in woodpiles, garbage piles, in trees, under decks and houses, and near water sources like rivers. Mice like to nest in similar places but also in fields, in dense vegetation, abaondoned birds nests, and any other out of the way shelter they can find. Once in your home, they will form nests in places where they’re likely to be undisturbed. This usually means walls, attics, basements, and crawl spaces. 

How To Get Rid Of Rodents

The best way to eliminate your rodent problem is to hire a professional pest control company. We are familiar with the common habitats, where rodents like to form walking paths, and how to remove them so that you don’t end up with a dead rodent in your walls. 

We have decades of local expeirence in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and surrounding areas. Our pest control solutions are affordable and guaranteed so you never have to worry about whether or not our treatments will work. We practice integrated pest management, eco-friendly methods, and we can respond quickly. Give us a call now to get a free quote. 

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