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For many people, Stafford, Texas is the best place to live. It may be a small city, but it offers a peaceful, comforting environment for many people. However, Texas also has a humid environment that makes it an excellent breeding ground for pests all year long. Fortunately, there’s a licensed, reliable, and trusted company in the area that offers quality pest control services. 

Big Dave’s Pest Control uses only the most advanced and effective techniques to help Stafford, Texas home and business owners stay pest-free all year. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or homeowner, we can get rid of the pests at your property, and take preventive steps so they don’t return. Give us a call now for an immediate quote over the phone.

Big Dave’s Pest Management Plan

First Step: Thorough Area Inspection

Our team determines the severity of the infestation and checks all possible entry points. Then, we identify all current and potential nesting areas. From there, we come up with a customized pest control solution for your home or business.

Second Step: Treatment 

Next, we perform the first pest control treatment. You can depend on us to treat existing infestations, and use invisible barriers to keep pests away. We also treat the most vulnerable parts of a property, including nesting areas, entry ways, and we use a variety of tactics including exclusion to prevent pests from regaining entry. 

Third Step: Maintenance 

Work doesn’t end after the initial treatment. Each quarter, our technician comes back for property re-inspection and follow up treatments. We respray the area to keep the pests away and check to make sure nothings changed. If the unwanted guests come back before the scheduled maintenance visit, we have you covered. We’ll be there if any pests show up unexpectedly because we guarantee all of our services. 

Reach out to us today to learn more information about Big Dave’s Pest Control Management single treatments and affordable year-round coverage.

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Residential Pest Control 
Stafford, TX

Are you tired of dealing with the headache and inconveniences pests bring? The pros at Big Dave’s Pest Control have a solution for you. We offer customized pest control plans to get rid of pests for good. Let us help you keep your home safe all-year-round. 

Here are a few of the services we offer:

  • Year round protection with quarterly treatments (or at any interval needed to ensure your home doesn’t have pests)
  • Protection from all the most common pests
  • Termite inspection, treatment, and extermination
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Sweeping overhangs
  • Removing wasps nests
  • Unlimited services between scheduled visits
  • External bait stations for rodent control

Talk to us today to find out more about our residential pest control services. We’ll help you choose the best service for your needs.

Commercial Pest Control 
Stafford, TX

Reputation is very important for any Stafford, TX business, and making sure your commercial property is pest-free is a big part of that. That way, you can provide a safe, clean place for your employees and customers. With more than 30 years of experience, Big Dave’s Team is knowledgeable and fully capable of protecting your business from pests.

We provide services for all industries including healthcare facilities, restaurants, schools, hotels, food processing, and supermarkets to name a few. Trust only our team for complete effective treatments and comprehensive inspections. When it comes to the development of preventive pest control strategies, we’re number one in the area. Call us now for a pest control solution designed for your business’s unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest control services.

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Stafford Texas Cockroach Control Services

Do you have cockroaches in your Stafford home? You’re not alone. This is because Texas’ humid, subtropical climate makes it a good breeding ground for many pests, including roaches. In fact, any home that doesn’t have pest control is vulnerable.

They often enter properties through sewer systems, drains or pipes which can make them hard to prevent on your own. Next thing you know, they’re crawling on your kitchen and bathroom counters, in your pantry, and spreading bacteria to your food. Get rid of them now to protect your loved ones from diseases like salmonella and gastroenteritis.

Partner with the experts at Big Dave’s Pest Control today. It’s a struggle to get rid of cockroaches, but we got your back.

Tips On Preventing Rodents

Rodents like mice love chewing on electrical wires, wood, and other household items. These can result in serious property damages. Reduce the threat to your Stafford, TX home by following these tips:

  • Remove all possible entry points by sealing cracks and spaces around your home’s foundation and exterior walls
  • Eliminate potential water sources by repairing water leaks
  • See to it that your chimneys have tight-fitting caps
  • Repair missing or loose roof shingles
  • Remove piles of garbage, leaves and debris around your property
  • Make sure that compost bins and outdoor trash cans have tight-fitting lids
  • Clean up fallen leaves, vegetables and fruits from your garden
  • Always clean outdoor eating areas

While there are many ways to prevent them from visiting your property, nothing beats signing up for a professional rodent control program. And if you already have rodents on your property, you’ll require a professional exterminator to trap and remove the existing rats and mice.

Bed Bug Detection

Mysterious insect bites showing up in the morning? You may be dealing with bed bugs. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that enter your home by hitching rides on shoes, clothing or luggage. On some occasions, they find their way indoors through plumbing and wiring. When they’re not feeding, bed bugs tend to hide in the darkest, most hidden areas of your home – not just around beds.

Early bed bug detection helps save time, money and effort. Here are some pointers that you can follow in assessing the severity of the infestation:

Know how they look

Before going for a visual inspection, know what these tiny insects look like. After feeding, their bodies swell, and appear much redder.

Know where to look

The first place to check is your mattress. This is where bed bugs prefer to lay eggs and hide until it’s safe for them to emerge and feed again. They can be very small so make sure to check the seams of your mattress, box spring, and even the frame and headboard for signs.

Recognize the most common signs of bed bugs

Since bed bugs are so small, it’s easy for them to hide along cracks and crevices. Inspect your bed, as well as its frame, box springs and headboard. Look at the top and bottom parts of the baseboards. Are there excrement and bloodstains on the bedding? Next, check electrical outlets. Believe it or not, an entire colony of bed bugs can hide behind outlets with ease. But make sure you don’t touch any electrical wiring and always practice safety.

If you find any bed bugs or signs, contact Big Dave’s today. Bed bugs are impossible to treat without professional intervention. They’re resistant to all over the counter pest control products and both high and low temperatures. They require specialized methods to eliminate the problem fully.

Termites Prevention and Control

Our company offers professional termite inspection, treatment, and ongoing protection services. We’re termite experts and have seen first-hand what can happen when these invaders flourish.

How We Do It: 

The first step: TRAPS 

Begin with baited traps. We set bait stations to draw in and trap the termites.

The second step: MONITORING 

We monitor the situation and track our success. We’ll see to it that the traps are working and that the entire colony is eradicated.

The third step: FOCUSED ATTACK 

If any termites survive, we’ll use a focused attack on specific areas like unfinished basements or crawl spaces.

The fourth step: PROACTIVE STEPS 

Together with advanced monitoring systems, we apply a treatment around your Stafford property’s perimeter. This is to protect you against the formation of new termite colonies.

Getting Rid of Pests? Call Big Dave’s Pest Control!

If you’re looking for the best pest control team to help you get rid of your pest problems, Big Dave’s Pest Control is the one to call. We understand that you want your home and business to be safe and pest-free all the time. And that’s what we do. Call us now for an instant quote or to schedule an inspection.


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