There are few pests that are as hard to treat as bed bugs. These highly invasive critters can enter your home or business on shoes, bags, clothing, etc. and once they’re in they can turn into an infestation quickly. On top of that, their eggs are highly resistant to most chemicals as well as to high and low temperatures. In short, they’re extremely hard – nearly impossible to treat without a professional Pasadena pest control company. That being said, we cover some info you need to know if you’re dealing with bed bugs today. 

What are bed bugs really? 

In short, bed bugs are a nocturnal bug that feeds on your blood while you’re sleeping. They have flat bodies that look similar to an apple seed in both size and color. Luckily, they are not flying insects but do move quickly and can often remain undetected for quite some time. And unfortunately, by the time you do notice them, you probably have an infestation on your hands. 

What causes them and how did I get them? 

adult bed bug

Most people associate a bed bug problem with a lack of cleanliness. However, that’s not necessarily true. These very small insects can be picked up in almost any location. It’s common for them to latch onto backpacks, latch onto your shoes in the park, attach to your clothing during travel (trains, busses, planes), on used furniture, etc. And once they’re in your home, they make their way to your bed and begin breeding/laying eggs. 

Can I get rid of them on my own? 

Getting rid of bed bugs without a professional is nearly impossible. The reason being that they’re resistant to many over the counter chemicals and their eggs can withstand both high and low temperatures. 

Further, when you have them, you need to not only treat the live bugs and eggs, you also need to bag and wash everything in the room. In short, you can try to get rid of them on your own but the best thing to do is call a professional. They can help you get in front of the problem before the bugs spread to every room of the house. Without professional help, you will likely find yourself in a position where you have a recurring problem with bed bugs. You’ll kill the adults and within a short time, the eggs will hatch resulting in a new infestation. 

Where can I find them? 

You can find bed bugs in the seams of your mattress, in the bed frame, on the headboard (back), and even on walls or behind light sockets. Because they’re very small they can lay eggs almost anywhere. However, the adult bugs prefer to be close to their food source, hence why they’re most commonly found in beds. If you suspect you have them, check the seams of your mattress as well as your frame, headboard, and nightstand. You’re looking for apple-shaped bugs and/or rust-colored stains. 

How to prevent them from spreading? 

The best thing you can possibly do is to call a professional as soon as you notice the problem. In addition to this, bag and wash all clothing in hot water, bag your shoes, and get a bed bug cover for your mattress. Do everything you can to ensure you’re not transporting bugs or their eggs from one room to another.